Scholarship Application

Personal information

Whether or not the community the applicant was raised in meets the criteria established for an HDO will be determined by the selection committee.

Scholarship Category

Application Category
You may apply in more than one category as long as you meet the requirements and submit any required information and/or documentation

Educational information

Financial Need Assessment

Please complete this section if you are applying the financial need category.

Your net income after taxes for the academic period entered above. Do not include student loans.
Include all other expenses including textbooks, supplies, housing and food.
Please add any additional information regarding your financial situation you would like us to consider.

Academic Achievement

To be eligible for an award in this category, the applicant must currently have and maintain a grade average equivalent to at least 80%. Transcripts of the applicant’s grades must be submitted with the application. Successful applicants must submit transcripts each semester for the previous term.

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Community Participation and involvement

To be eligible for an award in community participation and involvement, an applicant must have demonstrated leadership, outstanding achievement over obstacles and/or commitment to community participation, including (but not limited to) improving the lives of other current and/or former HDO children. Attach two letters of reference in support of your application from people who can attest to your community involvement, participation in volunteer activities and/or outstanding accomplishments. Attach a statement explaining how you believe you meet the criteria for this award and why you would be a worthy recipient.

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I hereby certify that the information provided on this application is, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete. I understand I may be required to supply additional documentation if this application is successful and if I am requested to do so.

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